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Some smart TVs require a UK broadcast to be tuned before allowing catchup software like the BBC Iplayer and ITV Hub to work.
This means that if you have these services working and you are unsuccessful at picking up a UK station after a retune your Iplayer and other Applications could cease to work !!

If you are lucky enough to get some stations they may be weak and suffer from break up /picture freeze.
There is no way for us to check this for you and Pearson’s can not be held responsible for any changes as a result of your actions when re-tuning.

If you have no TV pictures at the moment it may be worth having a go at re tuning.

If you live in a property which has a working satellite connection you could buy a TV with a Satellite tuner built in.
(Leven Court, old Friends School, Carricks Corner, Fry Court all have Sat inputs)
Here is a link to our Televisions

Another option is to get a Freesat box installed to your existing TV. This requires a dish to be fitted at your home and a box to be installed.
This will only work on one TV and will NOT require a subscription.
Approx. cost £200-£250 depending on what’s involved.
To get this done please contact your local Aerial installer.

Pearsons Do Not Offer This Service - Please Do Not Ring

Sky TV
They have a basic package for £25 per month plus an initial setup, which gives you 100 more channels than freeview and the box has the ability to record.
Then you can cancel at the end of your contract. You can also expand the system to service other TVs in the house at extra costs.

Our opinion is that Sky's system is the more robust and easier to operate than Freesat.

Pearsons do not offer SKY services and do not gain anything by advising you - we are just trying to offer some friendly advice.

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