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What our supply dates mean in plain Yorkshire english!

Delivery Truck

A growing demand from our customers has allowed us to significantly broaden our product selection.
We have also improved our systems and are now able to indicate availability to you, for items in our store, at the regional warehouse and from the manufactures.

Rapid Delivery Available:

Same-day or next-day delivery is possible for items currently in our Stokesley Warehouse.

Items with an Available From date:

Items not currently in our local warehouse are sourced from our shared high-capacity warehouse in Tankersley. We maintain a constant connection with their inventory systems to ensure accurate availability information. The 'Available from date' reflects the estimated delivery timeframe from Tankersley to our local warehouse, after which same-day or next-day delivery to you is possible.


Available 3 to ….  Days

We have confirmed these items are in production, but the exact delivery date is not yet finalised.

We are working to obtain the most accurate timeframe. Please ask and a specific enquiry will be made.

No Delivery Date

Launch of new products and withdrawl of unavailable products can cause gaps in our networks knowledge.  We know the item has a long delivery time or no set availability information for the product.


While we strive to provide the most reliable delivery estimates, occasional delays due to unforeseen circumstances like shipping disruptions, driver availability, or adverse weather conditions may occur. We appreciate your understanding and will keep you updated on any changes to your order's delivery timeframe.