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What is 4K?

High definition has meant 1080p resolution for years now, and it's ready for an upgrade. That's where ultra high-definition, or UHD, television comes in. You might have heard it called 4K. A UHD or 4K TV is one with at least 8 million active pixels, which means 4K is obviously much sharper than Full HD (1080p). In the space that a Full HD TV holds one pixel, a 4K TV of the same size can hold four. That makes for a significant jump in clarity. Call in store today to view our range of 4K TV’s and see the difference in picture quality.

What is HDR?

High dynamic range (HDR) is a video format available on some high-end new TVs. HDR content has the same resolution as regular 4K video, but each pixel can be assigned a much wider and more granular range of colour and light. This lets HDR video appear significantly more detailed, accurate, and lifelike than standard dynamic range video.

What is a SMART TV?

A SMART TV is a television which has the facility to be able to connect to the internet. The facility enables you to access various features including on demand like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, ALL4 and My5. Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are also available as well as video sharing websites like YouTube. Most modern sets come with the SMART features. It’s becoming more common in higher range sets for them to include a web browser which enables the user to be able to use their SMART TV in a similar way to a web browser on a computer. With more content becoming available SMART TV is a key feature for the future of television. We have various SMART televisions set up in store to show customers how it works and exactly what you can do on it.

How Do I Connect My Computer?

Many of our televisions now have extended network facilities. We can normally connect your new product to your internet router but our regular installation does not include computer support. You should contact your I.T. support or we can recommend David Everitt who often works with us, for excellent local support. 01642 300355 or via Team Everitt

How can I record Digital TV?

The best way to record Digital television is by using hard drive recorder (PVR) these recorders enable you to record the programmes that you want to watch without the need for any discs, tapes or any other external media, it record everything to its own internal memory which makes recording programmes extremely easy with the facility of recording hundreds of hours without stacks of DVD’s and without having to even get out of your chair. Hard drive recorder now often have the facility as well to record two programmes at the same time without needing two separate machines where as older video recorders and DVD recorders only allow you to record one programme. Higher up the range hard drive recorders often now come with SMART features allowing you to get the same features you would on a SMART TV so you can update older models to be able to receive SMART features on them. We have devices in stock. Please telephone and we could arrange a demonstration.

What is DAB radio?

DAB stands for ‘Digital Audio Broadcasting’ and is the digital version of radio similar to analogue and digital television. It is similar to analogue radio but provides high quality listening, many new stations and no frequencies, making it easier to tune to stations. There's no interference. In addition there are new features such as text, data and even pictures.

What is Blu-Ray?

Blu-ray is an optical disc format designed to display high definition video, it is the successor to DVD and it has become the standard media for HD content. The name ‘Blu-Ray’ comes from the fact that a blue laser reads the data from the disc rather than the red laser used on DVD players.


What is an induction hob?

Induction hobs create a magnetic field between the induction element in the hob and the pan. This means that only the pan heats up, rather than the cooking surface. Induction hobs are quicker than other types of hob, and are cheaper to run because they use only the precise amount of energy you need. You will need to check that your pots and pans work on an induction hob, or invest in a new set.

What are Pyrolytic ovens?

Pyrolytic ovens use high temperatures (around 500°C) to incinerate any food residues on the oven walls into a fine ash. The oven door locks while the pyrolytic cleaning cycle (which lasts for around 1.5-2 hours) is in progress, for safety reasons. Once the cleaning cycle has completed, the ash can be safely wiped away using only a damp cloth. The process of using heat and pressure to convert organic matter into ash is known as 'pyrolysis' - which is where pyrolytic ovens get their name.

What are Catalytic oven liners?

Catalytic liners are self cleaning liners which are available on gas and electric ovens in mid and premium price ranges, they are found on the sides and sometimes the roof and back of oven cavities. The liners are treated with a special material that absorbs grease. When the oven is heated to 200°C or higher, the grease is burnt off. A plus point of this system is that there’s no need to remove the liners for cleaning.

What is a heat pump tumble dryer?

Heat Pump Tumble Dryers work in the same way as condenser tumble dryers by storing the moisture in a container. However, they have heat pump technology to reuse the hot air that is normally lost. This reuse of energy makes heat pump tumble dryers the most energy efficient on the market.

Low Frost or No Frost?

Low frost is where the freezer has internal cooling elements within the cabinet sides and back which although do build up with ice is very minimal. As there are no visible cooling elements, at first glance in side they look similar to frost free. No elements means more room for food, you can even take the shelves out on some if needed.

No frost or frost free relates to the freezer, as the freezer freezes you do not get ice build up. The benefits with frost-free are, food does not get freezer burn, food stays fresher for longer and does not get ice build up so no defrosting, as it handles it automatically.